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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas as Perry Como memorably sang. But don’t let up on the work. It’s immensely satisfying, I think, to take off the holiday knowing that you have put in a good month’s work and not “goofed off” because it’s the festive season.

To be fair, those of you that sell turkeys or toys, trees or tinsel will not need any encouragement to get busy. But the rest of us it is too easy to slow down and lose two weeks of the year to idleness and over indulgence. I’m not saying that we should be noses to the grindstone over Christmas but I like to keep on top of things and even spend some time planning next year whilst everyone else is sleeping off the mince pies and brandy.

After all, in late December the light is failing by mid-afternoon and there is almost guaranteed to be a day or so of lousy weather. Why not get some stuff done and hope the next day is sunny and calm and you can get out for a long walk in the fresh air?

January is my busiest time of the year so I like to feel rested and refreshed coming into the tax return season, but also without any nagging feeling that there are “things to be done” that I could have got out of the way earlier instead of adding to the headache of dealing with people who could have had their books sorted out months ago but kept putting it off. Newsflash: time doesn’t run more slowly in January even if it sometimes seems that way!

So, do your accountant a favour and get your books to them as early as you can, so they can plan their workload, and make a resolution that next year you will get everything ready in April or, even better, do it as you go along. That way you can have an up to date picture of your business any time you want.

And if you have already done this: thank you, thank you, thank you.

Have a great week