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It has been a while since I have mentioned R&D tax credits. Or to put it another way, money lying around your business that you are ignoring.

Simply put, the government wants innovation because it drives the economy and boosts taxes. So it helps out by giving firms which are doing something innovative a tax break.

And a lot of people either (1) haven’t heard of the scheme, (2) don’t understand it or (3) don’t think it can apply to them. So, to explain:

First point: You have now.

Second point: You don’t need to understand how it works. It just works.

Third point: (A) If you are doing anything that your competitors aren’t then you probably qualify.

(B) If you are in engineering you probably qualify.

(C) If you build websites (not just design them) you probably qualify.

(D) If you are improving any part of your product, service or production method you probably qualify.

(E) It should go without saying that if you are a scientist you probably qualify.

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