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It’s black Friday in the shops at the moment and they are falling over themselves to get you to buy stuff you probably don’t need and up to last week didn’t want. Or if you are being cynical palm people off with last years stuff which they want rid of anyway because it’s taking up space.

I always used to have a look in case there was some shiny and (nearly) new thing that last year was too expensive for me but now is not. But there almost never is. Stuff you don’t need or want is still stuff you don’t need or want even if it’s cheap.

So let’s talk about putting prices up. As well as Black Friday we have the other harbingers of Yuletide: adverts for perfumes and aftershave, watches and jewelry. In particular one caught my eye. A jeweler whose advert in essence was; “if you don’t give us thousands of your hard earned money in exchange for a glittery bit of rock you clearly don’t love her.” Really? I hate people trying to guilt me into doing something but it did set me thinking. Diamonds are just glittery rock, perfume is just a nice smell, so many things that are very expensive are totally decoupled from their actual “worth”.

But if you can get someone to pay extra for fish eggs from a special fish, smelly fungus just because a pig’s found it or wine because it fizzy AND comes from a particular region of France (like no-one else can make fizzy plonk?), then why not.

What can you do that could be sold for a lot more, and not cast into the ring along with everyone else’s offerings to be sold for a lot less?

Have a great week


If you were expecting the budget, sorry but it was boring. Except for the Research & Development plug. Email me if you want to have a chat. paul@pgsaccountancy.co.uk