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Hello everyone, the madness of January tax return silly season is over and I can relax a bit. I still have lots of things to do that had to be put off and one of them is doing some planning for the new year.

Now, whilst January is very hectic at least it is in the middle of Winter so I wasn’t going to be doing much anyway and it does stop me getting sucked into making Resolutions as I really haven’t got the time or the inclination. Plus now the days are getting longer, the first daffodils are out and Spring feels just around the corner (which it is; less than 4 weeks away in fact) and frankly I feel more like doing stuff than just after the Christmas holidays.

I do want to start doing a few things though but I shall be making 12 week plans (google the book if you are interested in knowing more) and trying to stick to them. Just making plans doesn’t work!

A few guidelines I follow are:

Most importantly, before starting I make sure I actually WANT this. It’s too easy to be chasing other people’s ideas and dreams without really realising.

Have a goal and divide this into mini goals to keep the enthusiasm up.

Near enough is good enough; perfection is unattainable.

Work out what is needed to get to the goal and create an easy to follow step by step process.

Focus on the process not the goal. I covered this a few weeks ago.

Don’t tell anyone, unless you can GUARANTEE they will hold you accountable. That way no one can sabotage your efforts. Keep it a secret.

And to quote Nike “Just do it”

Have a great week