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Just checked my mobile phone, no missed calls or texts or emails. Loads of whatsapp notifications but I can ignore them all if I wish (and I generally do; I like to keep up but I can ask people how their holiday / concert / night out went when I see them)

Same goes for Facebook (I use it to keep up to date with two friends who live in Brum and Southampton, otherwise I ignore it) and I’m not even on Snapchat or Instagram).

According to research an hour or two on social media is on average beneficial to our wellbeing (humans are after all social animals) , but after that people start to feel more negative (trolls, rants, comparing themselves to globetrotting party animals with beach bodies and such like).

So perhaps I should indulge a little, or maybe I’m just grumpy. Either way it’s only an average; so long as I have actual real friends who I can go out with and actually really talk to then I figure that I can leave SM alone most of the time.

The biggest problem with being glued to a small screen (apart from walking into people or crashing the car) is the massive time suck that it represents. (And I do appreciate the irony of using a blog to go on about this.)

The hours spent on watching cat videos and liking people’s shoes could also be spent on learning a useful life skill, one that will bring fulfilment, entertain you, make life easier or further your business or career. Lots to choose from and (again rather ironically) the internet and especially You Tube will furnish you with some excellent starting information and how to videos. I learnt Italian over the last year just by watching vlogs and reading online content. Zero cost (well I did buy a kindle book). Bologna here I come.

Whatever your planning to do this week, have a good time.

Ciao a tutti.